Friday, March 21, 2014

Surprise, Surprise!

We surprised Nanay with a simple birthday celebration last Tuesday, March 18 when in fact, her birthday fell on Monday, the 17th of the month.  We, sort of, made it look like we (bro and I) were short on funds so we can't even buy her a birthday cake, she's already immune to us making a fuzz on her day so we decided to give it a little twist, a bit different for this year.

Red Ribbon's Dulce de Leche & personalized Yema Tarts
My nanay is one of those kind of persons who doesn't like to spend much on themselves, I grew up celebrating her birthdays with just a home-cooked pancit bihon or pancit luglog partnered with plain puto or an egg or cheese pimiento sandwich which was divided and distributed among neighbors and relatives who live nearby, everytime tatay is around (he worked as a chief cook in an international cargo ship) there would be cake and ice cream and other dishes he himself cooked up, we live simply but we were never lacking *smiles*.

Though we live and reared like so, we still want to give our parents, especially our mom (she's a work-at-home mom) since she spent most of her life working and taking care of us a taste of what the world can offer, of what she has been missing so far.  She doesn't care to travel or dine out, on times we persuaded her to go out, a lot of effort and time was needed just to hear her say yes and she'll feel awkward the whole time so we decided to just bring everything to her, we can't do it all at once (we'll never hear the end of it if she ever deduce or come to the conclusion that we're overspending or something) so we're doing it one or two or three at a time.

Anyway, enough drama here's what we had during her 62nd birthday.

Red Ribbon's Triple Chocolate Rolls ( thanks Aissa Marie)
Pancit Palabok w/ Crab Sauce (invented by the celebrant herself)
Triple Longganisa Pasta (cooked by yours truly)
Fried Morcon
Pork BBQ
Grilled Hotdogs
Pineapple-Orange Juice
the happy birthday celebrant
As we were preparing our simple dinner, the lot of us were munching on some Spicy Fish Crackers and Barbecued Pork Skin... walang diet-diet kapag may birthday *grins*.

spicy fish crackers
Pork Skin BBQ
Until her 63rd, so long!



  1. wow, daming pagkain! happy birthday to your Nanay! am sure she loved every bit of it!

    thanks much for sharing this special occasion over at Food Friday, sis
    enjoy the rest of the week!


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