Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nanay and Tatay's Day Again!

Another March celebration?  Not really!  It was just sweldo (salary) day and as it was still, officially, Nanay and Tatay's birth month, bro and I decided to have a joint celebration of their birthday, in an effort to shroud and justify our need to eat Crispy Pata on a Monday night, hurhur!

Baby's Crispy Pata

Spaghetti ni B (don't be deceived, masarap yan!)

Vangie's Pancit Luglog 

Pancit Bihon ni Nanay (naisipan nya lang magluto for merienda, natyempo pa, hehe)

Toasted Bread (partner ng Spaghetti, papahiran mo lang ng Garlic Spread bago mo kainin, yum!)

Selecta Ice Cream (I sorta forgot the flavor but I'm sure it's under the chocolate variety, hahaha)

Little Rob's Cupcakes

Cupcakes (not familiar with the name, sorry, but I can frankly tell you that they're all a delight to eat)
Saan ka pa, kumpleto di ba, birthday celebration talaga, balloons na lang ang kulang :)

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