Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cravings: Moshi Manju

I haven't been as active in blogging as much as I want to, well you have the usual reason of me being lazy (as in I was born this way, hurhur!) and of me being a procrastinator by choice and by fate.  But this time around, I have another reason for not posting regularly, I'm expecting (shh, let's keep it a secret until it's on full term, okay) and I'm having a not-so-easy time.

Now, that my big little secret is out, let's proceed to the list of treats I'm currently obsessing about.

large box of yummy Korean cakes (24 pcs)
Mix pastillas and choco-filled mini cakes

Moshi Manju are delicious mini Korean cakes loaded with luscious custard, rich mocha or creamy pastillas filling freshly baked in custom-made oven everyday.

Pricelist are as follows:  4 pcs. - P18.00, 8 pcs. - P35.00, 15 pcs. - P60.00, 24 pcs. - P92.00 

Chocolate fudge filling

Pastillas filling

It's best eaten out of the oven, piping hot and filling-dripping.  But in case, you were stuck in heavy traffic on your way home, you can always reheat it in your microwave or oven toaster. Yummy!

Moshi Manju
G/F Victory Central Mall
Caloocan City

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