Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cravings: Eng Bee Tin Hopia

Hopia (sweet rolls) has always been a favorite at home, and because we're not a picky bunch we eat any kind, any brand, any day, hehe.  But... because I am in a position to demand and my taste buds seemed to shift a bit, craving and having Eng Bee Tin Hopia on demand became a new in thing at our household.

hopia (sweet rolls)

Eng Bee Tin is that purple shop, with purple-uniformed staff and purple plastic bags to go, located at Binondo, Manila.  Actually, the main branch is in Binondo but other branches and stalls are scattered nationwide to cater to its growing clientele.

Their product ranges from the usual hopia and tikoy to the more expensive mooncake, fortune cake, kuchay and ampao.  Lucky for me (and the hubby), I took dibs on the more affordable Eng Bee Tin stuff - Hopia Mongo, Hopia Ube and Hopia Ube Langka.

hopia mongo

hopia ube

hopia ube-langka
A pack of hopia will cost you less than 50 pesos, but the more complicated ones (sugar-free, lite and combi) might cost you a bit more.  But worry not, every penny is worth every bite!

Wanna know a little secret, I've actually sampled other hopia variants - Diced Hopia, Hopia Baboy, Hopia Hapon and Hopia Ube Keso - unfortunately though, I'm not in the mood to stop and wait (read: take pictures).  Pregnancy sort of made me a little more impatient, hahaha!

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