Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cravings: Pine's Butterscotch Brownies

I had blogged about this brand's chewy and yummy brownies a couple of times before, so I think, an introduction won't be necessary, 'ayt?

I had been craving for their Butterscotch Brownies since I conceive but the lady peddler who supplies us with Pines products went AWOL, good thing, two of my bro's college friends  hailed from Pampanga, hence an easy target for a craving, expecting mom like me, hehe.

Christmas box, how about that?
Butterscotch Brownies
As expected, it was a delight to eat, it was gone in like 60 seconds (yeah, just like the movie title).  And they even wished me and my family a really late or a really, really advance Merry Christmas, hahaha!

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