Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cravings: Banana Loaf

I was never a fan of banana cakes and breads, nor of banana shakes and smoothies, heck, I wasn't even fond of eating bananas, but since I got pregnant, even before it was confirmed by the magic stick and by my OB-GYN, I was already craving for bananas, as in all kinds of bananas, may it be the fresh fruit or the fruit-based desserts and snacks.

And one of those cravings gave rise to this post, hehe.

Kuya JP's Banana Cake
I bought this from Kuya JP, one of the staff in the City Mayor's Office, I think his wife took care of the baking and he's the one handling sales and marketing, hehe.  Photo above was the variant with nuts and it cost me a hundred, it was worth the bucks!

Jaypee's Banana Loaf
Photo above was a gift from John Carlo, I think it was baked by his cousin from Malabon City, a bit of a side business.  This banana loaf catered more to those who aren't purist, people who like theirs with a bit of other flavors like chocolates, and I say I'm one of them, I like my banana cake/ loaf/ bread not too overwhelmingly banana-esque *tongue out*

see those banana fibers and crushed nuts?
I don't have any idea how you can avail of the above-featured banana cake, but I bet Kuya JP will welcome pre-orders, I guess you can call the Navotas City Hall trunkline, ask the operator to connect you to the Mayor's Office and look for Kuya JP.  Do tell me how it goes *smiles*.

see those melted chocolate chips?
This one I am sure, you can order Jaypee's Banana Loaf through her mobile, 0933-1683521.  Happy banana (insert whatever you want here) eating peeps!

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