Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cravings: Egg Pie

I am an egg pie enthusiast, I don't know when my love for egg pies started but I think it goes way back to my childhood.  You can even ask my mom and she'll blatantly tell you how I used to hug all the egg pie slices to myself and how I can't wait to eat a slice everytime I see egg pies, whether it be a commercialized brand or something brought from our neighborhood bakery, even up to now, haha.  She used to tell me that I am an egg pie monster...

But because pregnant women can get anything they want (most of the time), ergo, I can have the whole egg pie to myself... oh, the perks of motherhood, haha!

Goldilocks Egg Pie
let the (egg) pie eating begin!

Upper Ground Floor, SM City San Lazaro
Sta. Cruz, Manila

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