Monday, June 30, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Another late post from yours truly, and to top it off, I won't say much, haha.

We celebrated Mother's Day at home with a simple dinner, a treat for myself and my nanay, tatay wasn't even there to eat with us, he was out-of-town in a seminar at that time, if I remember correctly.  It was okay though, a valid reason, I guess... after all he already spent more than half of his life celebrating mother's day with nanay, kaya hayaan na natin sya, hehe.

Judy Ann Crispy Pata

Exodus Roasted Chicken
Both viands courtesy of hubby and son, treat daw nila sa amin ni nanay *smiles*.

Temptations Double Dutch
Ice Cream courtesy of brother dearest.

J.Co doughnuts
J.Co doughnuts courtesy of sis-in-law, Imee, thanks a bunch.

here's E enjoying some doughnut me time

I hope next year, we can persuade Nanay to actually eat out, nakakasawa rin sa bahay every year :)

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