Friday, September 19, 2014

A Sweet Escape

To celebrate my 28th weeks of pregnancy, Prof and I dined at Meat'in Place a few weeks ago.  I will let you in on a secret though, I begged and cajoled her to dining with me at the said establishment because I saw in one of their Facebook posts that Big Scoop Ice Cream is now a part of their menu, teehee.  Me and ice cream goes a long way back but because of GDM our relationship had to take the back seat, but a few secret rendezvous here and there wouldn't hurt, right?  At least, I hope, it won't, hurhur!

Lemonade in a glass - Guava and Blue
When you're dealing with GDM, the trick in eating is in proportion and planning ahead - it should be in small amounts, loaded with proteins, have enough of various vitamins and minerals your body needs, a bit of carbohydrates and no sugar.  When eating out, you just have to choose the right options and be happy that you're still able to do some food tripping while nursing your GDM.

menu and order form
And here's another new thing at Meat'in Place, you'll be given a menu and a clipboard with pen and paper that serves as your order form.  You choose, you write and then you catch the attention of the server when you're all ready to order *smiles*.

soup of the day
I know I'm suppose to watch out what I'm putting in my mouth and nourishing Baby A with but hey, it's one of those chances I seldom have these days, when I can eat what I want.  Don't worry though, we had everything to share, Prof even had a slice of pizza wrap added to her take-home loots.

Honey Chicken Fingers with Mustard Sauce
I'm not even sure if I remember the name of this dish right (photo above), but I'm sort of sure that it's chicken fingers with honey and mustard sauce, hehe.  I just put two and two together, hahaha.

Let me enumerate our order: Honey Chicken Fingers with Mustard Sauce and served with Rice, Pizza Wrap, Pesto Panini Sandwich served with Fries, Blue Lemonade (Prof), Guava Lemonade (mine) and a serving of Matcha Ice Cream.  Prof even had two orders of Pizza Wrap to go.

Pizza Wrap
Pesto Panini Sandwich and Sour Cream Fries
Blue Lemonade
Guava Lemonade
The Honey Chicken Fingers with mustard sauce is too sweet for me but the chicken per se was good, I don't have anything to do with rice *tongue out*.  The Pizza Wrap was really, really good, you should all try it.  The Pesto Panini Sandwich with Sour Cream fries was also good, as in to non-pesto eaters, you won't even know it's there, I think it's because of the mozzarella cheese *wink*.  Prof had the Blue Lemonade just to be on the safe side while I had the Guava variety because I was feeling a bit adventurous that day and because it was something new and I hit bull's eye, it was a very, very fine drink, which I'll soon have again, uhm, when eating and drinking something sweet is back to being guilt-free.  But the star of them all, and the reason for the food trip - ice cream, Big Scoop's Matcha Ice Cream to be exact, masarap talaga ang bawal, hahaha! Isang scoop pa nga!

Matcha Ice Cream
And to cap the night, syempre a photo op.  I don't even look pregnant, right *smiles*?

Prof, when will I see you again?

Meat'in Place
#8 Judge Roldan St., San Roque
Navotas City

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