Friday, September 26, 2014

After Check-up Dinner

I had my monthly check-up two weeks ago, now on my 30th week *smiles*, I'm still suffering from GDM and I'm still having a risky pregnancy but it's okay, I still feel blessed and happy.

I was, actually still am, craving for all things sizzling, so we made the whole non-moving traffic-infested trip to Malabon City to eat at Steakside, the only establishment serving sizzling dishes that we're both familiar with, hehe.

Sizzling Pork Chop
Hubby had himself a Sizzling Pork Chop, served with vegetable side dish and a cup of Java rice drizzled in their House Specialty gravy.  An order cost us a hundred pesos, if I'm not mistaken.

Sizzling Pork Tenderloin
I, on the other hand, had their Pork Tenderloin, see I tried to keep it healthy even when I eat out *smiles*, priced at 120 pesos.

Beef Pares
We also ordered Beef Pares, just because I've been bugging him to eat in Bestfriends, I wanna try their Pares so bad, he decided to douse my sizzling and pares craving in one go, hahaha.  Well, it's literally a pair, a cup of rice and a small bowl of beef pares, no soup, no toasted garlic, no toyo and calamansi, not the way I pictured a pares to be *sad face*.

Hubby had a bottle of Coke for his drink while I opted for bottled water, as usual and necessary *grins*.

Comments?  The place is bigger than I remember, they made major renovations, hehe, there are more servers and they were all polite and had unwavering smiles on their faces.  The food they served (listed on the menu) are the same, didn't see any major additions or differences than the last time I ate there, but their famous sizzling dishes doesn't sizzle anymore, my tongue didn't even feel a prick of heat, which is what I want, as in really!  I understand the thinning of meat, the decrease in quantity of servings and gravy but men, the heat, I just want my sizzling plate skin-burning and my food piping hot, can't I have that *pouts*?

39 Gov. Pascual Ave., Brgy. Baritan, Malabon City


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