Friday, October 3, 2014

Imee's Treat at Egoy

Hubby accompanied me when I last visited my endocrinologist - Dra. Rebecca Alba Lim - in Chinese Gen. Hospital and Medical Center, and just to give you guys a heads up, as of my recent check-up my GDM is under control, I just need to keep up with my diet plan *smiles*.  But it won't be for long as I am scheduled to be injected with antenatal corticosteroids, my first shot will be tonight and the second is tomorrow morning.  To those who wanna know, antenatal corticosteroids helps in advance development of baby's lungs, in case one gives birth prematurely *sad face*.  Okay enough with pregnancy woes and sob stories, hehe.

After a long wait (for our turn) and long talk with the doctor, we were finally sent home, with a new set of lab test and schedule of check up to comply with *sigh*.  But as our luck would have it, we were sidetracked by bad weather, so the ever-maparaan hubby decided on visiting his sister (she works as a guidance counselor in one of Manila's public elementary schools) syempre with the thought na malilibre kami ng lunch, hahaha.

It turned out to be a super late lunch because the rain stopped almost at mid-afternoon, but it was okay, the wait was worth it.  She brought us to this Egoy Sizzling sa Matnog franchise in Maypajo, Caloocan City, the place was okay, casual and practical like your usual sizzling place but the prices on their wall-poster menu caught me off guard.

Egoy Sizzling sa Matnog
I though sis-in-law was kidding when she compared the prices on this establishment with the other establishment that we had recently visited but it was true, as in eye-popping and heart-pumping-ly  true.  And the quality of food, well let's just say, it's no wonder sis-in-law keeps raving about this place.  A sure bang on your buck *grins*.

Porter House
I ordered the most expensive item on their menu, Porter House (photo above), syempre libre eh, todo ko na, hahaha.  It carries an 80 pesos price tag, super affordable, served skin-searing hot just the way I like it, with Java rice, corn and green peas side dish and bathed in gravy.  They'll serve your order smokin' hot and then they'll pour the gravy right in front of you, so you better be cautious of tumatalsik na mainit na gravy, hahaha. 

Liempo Steak
Imee had their Liempo Steak, one of her favorite from what I deuce, it cost her 45 pesos, yes, only that much.

Pork Teriyaki
Hubby had their Pork Teriyaki, priced at 40 pesos.

And because Imee was so proud of their Longadog, she ordered two for us to sample, nakatipid na din sya sa extra rice that way, hahaha.  Their Longadog cost 45 pesos, served with a sunny side-up egg.

If you may, kindly look at all the photos then tell me how affordable and budget-friendly their menu are.  With the cost and quality, I give it two thumbs up.  Add the unlimited gravy and soup, and I would have given another thumbs up but I only have two, so let's just imagine a star on top of my thumbs, hurhur.

To give you an idea on their offerings and corresponding prices, here's a shot of their wall menu, a little disclaimer though, this one is located on their second level and I think the one on their ground floor is better updated.

If any of their branch is accessible to you, I say you go and grab the chance to try Egoy out.

Egoy Sizzling sa Matnog
Maypajo, Caloocan City


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