Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Sweet Treat

Our team visited the LGU of San Juan last Friday as part of our monthly Lakbay Aral, I hadn't come with them for a couple of months due to my pregnancy, yes I am still pregnant and nope I hadn't gotten a go signal from my OB-GYN but as I feel better and after attending a Rappler Forum in BGC, Taguig City (I rode the MRT standing from Guadalupe to Trinoma, hur) I sort of think and feel I can do everything, haha.

We had a San Juan City Hall and Museo ng Katipunan tour courtesy of San Juan City PIO which was very informative, interesting and fun, though it would have been nice if we had gotten to meet Madam Guia Gomez, she was going to come to work later that day but as we have another appointment (DSWD-NCR) in the afternoon we weren't able to wait for her.  We're scheduled to have a meeting with the DSWD Regional Director at 2:00PM, so to while away time, we decided on eating lunch at Greenhills.

We didn't have lunch though as most of us were still full from the snack served by the ever-accommodating SJ PIO so instead of waiting doing nothing, we decided on window shopping and bargain hunting while sipping our Fruitas Mango Shake *grins*. 

Must be Mom's Ensaymaditas
I wasn't lucky enough to find newborn necessities, I did see lots of cute onesies and rompers though, but as I won't be needing it for a while, I decided on just holding on to my money and let my mom, sis-in-laws, relatives and friends do the honors of buying those and giving it to Baby A as presents, haha.

I was lucky to find Must be Mom's Quezo de Bola Ensaymaditas though *smiles sheepishly*, I know I'm not supposed to touch anything sweet but as I was sweating like crazy the whole ride because our service vehicle doesn't have a functioning air conditioner, I thought a little sweet bread wouldn't hurt.  So I grabbed a tiny, teeny piece of their Dulce de Leche Ensaymada, said to be their bestseller and the one offered for free taste together with the Cheddar Ensaymada, and I fell in love.  I would have loved to buy the Dulce de Leche variant but the mother won over the glutton in me, haha, so I compromised I bought the not-too-sweet and salty variety - Quezo de Bola.

Quezo de Bola Ensaymaditas
And I fell in love all over again.  Hintayin lang nitong mga ensaymada at iba pang pastries na ito ang panganganak ko, I'm going to raid their Lucky Chinatown Mall kiosk, and I'm going to stuffed myself to death, death due to happiness, hurhur!

love at every bite

Must be Mom's
Greenhills Shopping Center
410-8010 / 0920-9059591

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