Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Love You Jollibee!

We went linen shopping last weekend (bed sheets, pillow cases, crib beddings, etc.) and because I was good and behave, I received a treat.  I did walked a lot and burn a lot of calories and glucose in the process, so a little fast food won't hurt, right? Don't go and rain on my parade, just nod your head and say yes, haha.

happiness in a tray
I was determined to have a taste of Jollibee's Ultimate Burger Steak that day, so when hubby asked me where I want to eat and wait while he's scouting for some foam, I immediately said Jollibee.  He was adamant at first, but because I am such a sweet talker and because I promise I'll eat more of the protein and only my required carbo intake, he gave in.  But as I'll have it, it wasn't the right time, the Ultimate Burger Steak was not in the menu that day *sad face* so I decided to just go old school and order the classics.

Chicken Joy and Spaghetti Meal
1-pc Burger Steak
I ate half of the burger steak, half of the chicken joy and the whole order of spaghetti, I left the rest for hubby to finish.

Kung iisipin, si hubby ang mas nakikinabang sa mga food cravings and GDM ko eh, kasi ako tikim-tikim lang tapos sya taga-sapo ng lahat kaya sumatutal sya maraming nakakain.  Dapat di na sya umo-order at hinihintay na lang ang tira ko eh, hahaha.  Tipid na, di pa sya tataba, hahaha!

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