Friday, October 10, 2014

An Adobo Connection Celebration

Wondering what event / milestone was there to celebrate? Well, there was none *tongue out*, but to the fast food (actually, food in general) deprive me, anything out-of-the-ordinary is a reason to celebrate and dine out, haha.

My exact reason for this one? Well *puffing my chest proudly*, I passed all my laboratory test (done early last week), perhaps not all as I failed my urinalysis, hehe, UTI is sort of added to my pregnancy illnesses *pouts*, but still... I passed my morning post-meal glucose test, creatinine level test and urine ketone test.  I think this was the only laboratory visit (since I found out I was pregnant) that I felt happy after, even with the needle-bruise on my arm *smiles*.

This time, I easily convinced hubby to seat and eat at Adobo Connection, since he knows I'm doing better, so much better, and I deserved a little congratulatory treat for all my sacrifices, hurhur!

Sizzling Sisig Meal
I ordered what I liked at that time, hubby didn't bother to get anything as he already knows that I'll just eat a bit and give it all to him to finish.  I opted to have their Sizzling Sisig Meal, Shanghai Rolls and Adobo Paos.

yummy sisig
The Sizzling Sisig is one of those Kanin-All-U-Can offerings at Adobo Connection, served with soup and regular drink, priced at 159 pesos, in case you wanna Go Large on your drink, you have to shed additional 20 pesos.

It was actually good, just when I didn't expect anything, I found a good place that satisfied my sizzling and sisig craving, but it would have been better if the egg wasn't cooked the sunny side-up way.

Shanghai Rolls
The Shanghai Rolls solo would cost you 59 pesos, while the one with rice and veggie side dish (Kanin-All-U-Can Combo) is priced at 79 pesos, I say the latter is a way better deal, it'll even come with soup and drink.  Bawal lang talaga sa akin eh, di bale babawi na lang ako next time, hehe.

Adobo Paos
Adobo Paos is, I presume, their own version of Toasted / Fried Siopao, it has adobo flakes as filling and comes with a sweet sauce, and it carries a 49 peso-price tag.  Not my kind of siopao though, it's too sweet and it tasted like it has been fried and re-fried for a dozen times already.  

happy me 
And to clear the air, I didn't drink the Iced Tea as I have my usual bottle of water with me, I only ate half of an Adobo Pao, I didn't liked it much, I only ate two pieces of Shanghai Rolls with minimal to no dipping at all and I only ate half (or a little more) of sisig.  So, all in all, I'm still a good girl *smiles*.

Adobo Connection
1/F, Malabon City Square
Letre Road, Malabon City


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