Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sweet Surprise

It's no secret that anything sweet, even those with just a bit of sugar in it, and loaded with carbohydrates is a big no-no in my diet list at the moment, as I am, unfortunately, suffering from GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus).  But sometimes, life can just be cruel and tempting and as I came from the line of Eve who was tempted to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, I endured the same fate *grins*.

This box of Cut N' Slice Buko Pie was a present, I think pasalubong is a better term, from the family of my bro's gf to nanay, at syempre nung makita ko sya, dahil na rin sa ang tagal-tagal ko nang deprived sa matamis para akong isang dyosa na nakakita ng ambrosia, hahaha.  I, initially, asked for a slice, by the way it was already sliced and divided like so (photo below), kaya di na kayo mahihirapan maghiwa at mag-divide fairly, hehe, as my morning snack.  It's a way of cheating na rin kasi I only take my glucose test an hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner, so morning, afternoon and bedtime snack is free, pero syempre you won't be free from guilt, my only consolation is, at least I get to eat and have a taste of something sweet, then I just make bawi by being active and moving about to burn it all in a jippy.

Sadly, I wasn't able to stop with just a slice, I had another when I got home in the afternoon, it sort of served as my dessert after dinner, I'm a bad momma, I know, but what can I do, it's super sarap, it might have to do with my sweets and sugar deprivation, I don't know, basta ang masasabi ko lang, it was the best buco pie I had ever had in my life.  And I had quite a number of buco pies in my double digit years of living and food tripping.

Cut N' Slice is a product of Bulacan, an unlikely place to find buco pie, I know, but what do you know, they could just have had hit the spot.  They also offer the usual Bulacan delicacies - cassava cake, bibingka, maja blanka and ube pie.

I haven't gathered much info from their packaging aside from their address and that the whole pie should be consumed in a day, I don't think that would be a problem because their pie is so good, it will only survive in minutes, hehe.  Seriously though, I think the precaution was  because of the milk, I'm not entirely sure but I did taste milk in their buco pie and I think that's what makes it different and more appetizing.  One thing I'm sure of, you should all try it!

Cut N' Slice
Gaya-Gaya, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan
0919-6946772 / 0922-8113671

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