Friday, September 12, 2014

Trying Out Sizzling Boy

There's a new craze in our barangay, it was such a success that a second branch is opening soon, this time it's near the city hall area.  What's the new craze you may ask?  Well, it's Sizzling Boy!

The idea is not really new nor novelty, even their 'panghatak-kustomer' unlimited rice is so 'gasgas' already, so what's making them click?  I'm not really in the position to say nor I'm privy to the reason but because I'm pakialamera, I'll take a wild guess, haha.

Pork Steak
Maybe, it's because they are new, and as usual in the food business, people flock to places that are fresh and unfamiliar, we can credit it to curiosity or just the plain need to be in and updated.  Maybe, it's Sizzling Boy's theme, the old but is and will continue to be kids and young at heart's fascination - ranch and cowboys.  Maybe, it is affordable, or clean and airy or maybe, it's their food, plain and simple.  Well, there are lots of maybes, maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong, maybe you should all just try it sometime and list your own maybes *grins*.

We were able to sample a few of Sizzling Boy's offerings through the generosity of my sister-in-law, because of my continuous prodding and hoodwinking she one night decided to treat us to dinner, thanks again Imee *smiles*, love you!

two orders of pork steak
We ordered two Sizzling Pork Steak, priced at 69 pesos, served with a cup of Java rice (wannabe *tongue out*), the tiniest bit of side dish and a drizzle of gravy.

Pork Sisig
two orders of Pork Sisig
We also had, two orders of Sizzling Pork Sisig priced at 55 pesos, served just the same sans the gravy, of course.

Pork Barbecue
Kuya E, decided to be individualistic, he opted for Sizzling Pork BBQ priced at 69 pesos (possibly, haha) and served just the same.  

Iced Tea
We had a pitcher of Iced Tea as our drink, priced at 35 pesos.  

Chicken Steak for take out
Imee ordered 1 pork sisig and 1 Chicken Steak for take-out, pangsuhol kay Tatay Ilyo, naiwan kasi sa bahay, hehe.  Unlimited rice is only available for dine-in, take out menus are limited to two servings of rice.  Gravies are contained in a clear plastic which you can pour yourself at home, syempre mabababad ang meat kapag nilagay agad, di ba?

27 months preggo and still (eating) sizzling, hurhur!
Hmm, my curiosity was peaked and satisfied.  But I have a few personal recommendations...

First of, my pork steak is too thin and the gravy doesn't complement it, the side dish is too little, I'd say, it would have been better if they serve it without any.  I do, understand that meat prices are higher these days and they have to cut on quantity to make their products affordable but I think a little gravy tweak here and there will make the merry pair better *smiles*.

Second, the sisig is too plain, if the price tag the Sizzling Sisig carries is the lowest they can handle, maybe they should just offer a special sisig or a bigger one or have some add-ons like eggs, mayonnaise, etc.

I smelled of various sizzling food when I went home, I found out late why there was an al fresco dining available, hur!  Maybe a better ventilation is in order *smiles*.

Sizzling Boy - Tangos
Though I made some not so applaud-worthy remarks, I'd still say that Sizzling Boy is a place to go to when you suddenly have the urge to eat some sizzling delights... if you live in the area.  I may not be all praises but if and when given the chance, I'd still drop by to try their other fares, maybe by then, they'll fare better (pun intended) in my book *smiles*.

Until then...

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